The WHERE TO FIND IT - SERVEWARE page provides ideas on where to find interesting and hard to find items that dress up your serving table and make entertaining more fun, whether for elegant or casual occasions.  Contents change with the seasons.


Cool Ways To Serve Food


Black or Red Individual Serving Spoons (Asian Soup Spoons) 

Find these black spoons and others at World Market Stores or online at BLACK SPOONS.

Find red spoons and spoons in other colors online at MRS. LIN’S KITCHEN.


Pier I

Pier I has a good variety of Fall seasonal serveware.  Shown above are a serving tureen, serving bowls, rectangular and oval serving platters.

The squirrel candy dish also makes a nice dip bowl.  The individual pumpkin tureen can be used  to serve dip, or seasonal soup.

Find these and other seasonal serveware at Pier I stores or online at PIER 1 SERVE.


Crate & Barrel

Crate & Barrel has a wide variety of serveware, including this wood leaf board and the covered pumpkin serving bowels in two sizes.  See these and more at Crate & Barrel stores or online at C&B SERVE.


Christmas Tree Shops and & That Stores

Christmas Tree Stores and & That have a good selection of Fall serveware this year.  The serving bowl and platter above are ceramic, while the two platters on the bottom are melamine.  They have you covered whatever your serving needs.  They are each part of collections from which you can purchase the specific pieces you need.  You can fine this and more Fall serveware in their stores or online at CT SERVE.


Pottery Barn

The Pottery Barn platter is fully turkey size.  In addition to the serving dish above, a 4 piece snack set is also available.  Perfect for chips and up to 4 different dips.  Find these and more Fall serveware at Pottery Barn stores or online at PB SERVE.


Bed Bath & Beyond

The rectangular platter, square platter and serving bowl are from the Certified International Botanical Harvest© by Susan Winget collection.  This lovely, vibrant pattern can stand alone or with other pieces of the collection.  These pieces are difficult to find for individual purchase, and only available online.  See these pieces and the rest of the collection at BBB HARVEST. is essentially a business that provides party planning help and all kinds of  party goods to make your parties more fun.  While they have a warehouse in Nashville, TN, they only sell online.  They provide support for a large number of themes, including college sports.  They specialize in Southern colleges, but have some coverage of Big 10 schools as well.


Pictured on top are a ceramic circle chip/dip bowl and  melamine stadium tray featuring the Virginia Tech logo.  Only the melamine stadium tray is available for West Virginia University, and only the circle chip/dip bowl is available for University of Virginia, shown in the bottom picture.  Both are great for game day parties, homecoming or any party hosted by alumni.  See these serving dishes at PS SERVEWARE.

This Fall the widest selection of seasonal cheese spreaders can be found at  The Cheese Spreader section has 45 pages, so to save time, each spreader will have a link to a single page.  In many cases, there is more than one seller for these spreaders, and prices/shipping cost may vary.  If you are interested in any of them, we suggest you go to the link we provide, then search again within for the specific spreader named to find the various sellers offering those spreaders.


Find the acorn spreaders at ACORN.

Find the leaf spreaders at LEAF.


Find the pumpkin spreaders at PUMPKIN.

Find the leaf spreaders at SUNFLOWER.

Owls are with us all the time, but we are particularly aware of them I the Fall.  Whether you are looking for something casual for more formal, you can find them at  The spreaders pictured are representative of the selection. 

Find the ceramic owl an fox spreaders at FOX.

The zinc alloy owl spreaders with pewter-topped design are sold as a set.  Find them at PEWTER.




Michaels has 4 sets of scarecrow appetizer/cupcake picks this year.  Find them in stores or online at MICHAELS.


Pick On Us

This company that’s been around for 25 years specializes in “eco-friendly tableware & presentation solutions for those who want to present their cuisine with functional elegance.”  While they primarily serve the luxury hospitality sector, they also sell online in quantities small and affordable enough that anyone hosting a party can likely take advantage of their offering.  They sell only products made of bamboo, which is actually and grows back after each cutting.  Bamboo has too many other features that make it amazingly eco friendly to list here, but if you’d like to know more, you can find that info at WHY BAMBOO IS BETTER.

You can find bamboo picks almost everywhere that picks are sold, but most are fairly limited to paddle  or knotted bamboo shapes.  Pick On Us has those, and more.

The picture on the left shows their bamboo football picks (also available for baseball, basketball & soccer).  Tulip and flag picks are shown in the other two photos.  Find these and more picks at PICKS.

You’ll find bamboo serving dishes in many places as well, but few are designed for presenting individual appetizer bites, and while these are light weight, they are also reusable (as long as you don’t use liquids).  And because they are so inexpensive, many are also disposable.

In the photos above, bamboo leaves are used garnish on the left, and on the right, as a plate for bite size appetizers.

The tasting cones in the left picture come in 3 sizes from 3.5” to 7”.  The picture also includes disposable bamboo forks.  Bamboo tasting boats are shown in the middle picture, available in 5” and 7”.  They are similar to half dishes (literally 1/2 of a bamboo stalk with the bottom smoothed for balance).  On the right are disposable bamboo plates which also come in 3 sizes from 7” to 11”.

Find these and more bamboo serveware at ECO SERVEWARE.